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Little Honey Renew Prep + Prime Body Scrub

Little Honey Renew Prep + Prime Body Scrub

Little Honey

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Creates the perfect base for your Little Honey tan and is the secret to keeping your tan fresher for longer. Specially formulated. Our body scrub is unlike anything on the market!

Our unique blend of ingredients cleans, exfoliates and hydrates, leaving your skin smoothed and renewed.


NATURAL WALNUT SHELL POWDER Walnut shell powder is a soft but effective abrasive. It can be used as an all natural body scrub to deep-clean, renew and detoxify all skin types. Natural, non toxic and biodegradable.
LACTIC ACID Lactic acid exfoliates the skin. It helps the older, dull cells on the skin’s surface to slough away by dissolving the bonds that hold them together speeding up cell turnover and stimulating cell renewal. Lactic acid is also used to exfoliate the skin, lighten dark spots, and improve the look of fine lines and wrinkles.
HEMP SEED OIL Moisturizing and soothing hemp seed oil contains omega-6 fatty acids, which act as anti-inflammatory agents and helps in skin growth and produce new cells in the skin. It is also used to reduce inflammation and irritation on the skin including acne, scars or eczema.
ORGANIC ALOE VERA Known for its moisturizing, healing, skin soothing and rejuvenating properties. It contains antioxidants, enzymes, Vitamins A and C, and it is highly anti-inflammatory.
KAOLIN Kaolin is naturally occurring soft clay. In cosmetics, kaolin helps to cleanse and exfoliate dead skin cells and debris from the surface. Kaolin wages war on acne and breakout-prone skin by improving the skin’s balance and decreasing levels of pore-clogging oils, dirt and toxins.
PRO VITAMIN B5 Helps keep skin, smooth and healthy. It also has an anti-inflammatory effect that can help stimulate your skin’s healing processes. Pro vitamin B5 boosts collagen, glycan, and elastin production, which help make your skin appear supple.

How to Use:

1. Apply a small amount of scrub to dampened skin and scrub using gentle, circular motions.
2. Add small amounts of water as you scrub, to help create a foamy lather as you go.
3. Concentrate on any trouble areas – such as knees, ankles, elbows, or areas where your self tan tends to grab.
4. Continue until your skin feels smooth and silky, before moving on to the next area. 5. Once you’re happy, rinse the scrub off well and then proceed with your usual routine (shaving etc).

A little goes a long way... Generally speaking, a teaspoon of scrub is plenty to exfoliate an entire arm or leg.

Recommended use is once a week before applying your Flawless Bronzing Mist.

DISCLAIMER: We do not recommend this scrub for your face, however if product gets into the eyes, rinse immediately with clean water. And if irritation occurs discontinue use.

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